About Bio

The Indonesian manufacture of water based paint, coating and green chemicals products specialist

Vussion :

“Good chemicals Good life”

Mission :

“Being the best, safe and environtmentally friendly chemicals manufacturer in Indonesia”

Bio Industries is a manufacturing company in Indonesia that specialized in developing water-based paint and coatings products, glue adhessives, as well as various safe and environtmentally fiendly (green industrial chemicals) to support the needs of industial wood working, furniture, handycraft, toys as well as building and architecture and many more.

Bio Industries starts its bussiness activity since 2002 and continues to grow along with the significant increasing of consumer awareness, a safe and environtmentally friendly technological development and also the needs of downstream industries.

“many aspects of human life can not be separated from chemicals, science has brought us a clear view about its danger and its impact for life and environtment. Bio Industries is present to offer the solution.

Starting from this point of view and our strong determination, Bio Industries has been strongly driven to focus its bussiness activity to continuously develop the quality of product and services along with the developments of environtmentally friendly technology.

Hoping this will be beneficial for life…


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  • Certificate of Non-Toxic Product and Environtmentally Friendly

    Certified by TUV Germany and LPPT UGM As a pioneer company of paint, coatings and chemical in Indonesia that is safe and enviontmentally friendly, Bio


  • Bio Service Point

    dapatkan informasi produk, harga dan layanan penjualan cat, coating, lem, dan bahan kimia ramah lingkungan di kota anda Bio service point Jogja jl. Sidikan


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    We are the green products manufacturer specialist Kami adalah perusahaan yang didirikan khusus untuk mengembangkan produk yang aman dan ramah lingkungan. We