Beware of Bacteria Contained Toys

Beware of contained bacteria toys! Some studies shown that bacteria which found in children’s toys can be very hazardous.

Beware of Bacteria Contained ToysA research that conducted by Dr. Charles Gebra of the University of Arizona found that the number of bacteria in the workbench could be much more than the bacteria on the toilet seat. It should be a warning for all of us to pay attention to things that relevant to children, like toys.

The bacteria in a various objects are essentially normal. However, if the amount is excessive, it should be minimized. Moreover, when it is directly in contact with the child. The child’s body have no good defense system and combination of careless behavior will make it vulnerable. If the child is in the oral stage, where they likes to enter anything into his mouth it will be more dangerous.

The research that conducted by University of Buffalo researchers found that there are harmful bacteria in children’s toys can’t be cleaned with conventional cleaning.

If your children’s toys are made from wood, leather, latex, and other polymers, you can use the versatile protection products. Biopolish Linseed Oil is a product to avoid the bacteria children’s toys, especially for wooden toys that finished with natural look.

Biopolish Linseed Oil, Solution to Avoid Bacteria Contained Children’s Toys



Biopolish Linseed Oil, the best solution to avoid bacteria contained toys.

Biopolish Linseed Oil is a polish product that made from 100% natural ingredients which is food grade (safe to contact with food). It made from beeswax, linseed oil, and various vegetable oils. Biopolish Linseed Oil will protect your children’s toys because it’s contained oil pine as natural antiseptic. This polishing products can adorn the aesthetics of children’s toys because it will sharpen the colour..

Biopolish Linseed Oil are formulated to accept the standard of European Chemicals Agency and the US-Environmental Protection Agency, so, you do not have to worry about the safety aspect. Moreover, Linseed Oil Biopolish have been certified by the standards of TUV Rheinland Germany.

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