Biovarnish, A Water Based Wood Paint for Natural Colour Door Finishing

Biovarnish is a water based wood paint which safe, environmentally friendly and easy application with natural transparent colour.

wooden-doorWater based wood paint is a water based wood paint which use water as thinner.

Water Based Advantags

In general, water based wood paint like Biovarnish is have equal quality than the solvent based one.  Even, in several aspect it will works better due to it have higher flexibility.

Water based wood paint will not easily cracked by temperature changes. The solvent based wood paint will easier to crack in particular heat condition.

The water based wood paint is also safer. Water is a non-toxic material and it is used as a thinner on this type of product.

Volatyl Organic Compounds (VOC) is a hazardous substances which easily vaporize. Example of this type of substance is benzene, toulena, and xylene .  These can cause damage on liver, kidney, and neuron system.

Getting More About Biovarnish, A Water Based Wood Paint

Biovarnish-newUnfortunately, not all of water based wood paints are free of those dangerous chemical. Hazardous substances like lead and formalin sometimes contain inside. It need attention to choose the right water based wood paint product.

One of the recommended product is Biovarnish. This product is safe and its VOC content is far below the standard. It is can produce natural transparent colour and can be applied by brush or spray method.

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