Natural Colour Door Frame Finishing Using Biovarnish

Door frame finishing by natural transparent colour can be done with Biovarmish.


Door frame design on classic form will make vintage sense inside house.

Choose the easy application wood paint for door frame finishing

Natural transparent colour door frame finishing is widely used because its neutrality. This kind of colour can enhanced the concept of house. To perform the best colour, you can use Biovarnish.

Biovarnish is a water based wood paint that can produce natural transparent colour. This product have bright and sharp colour. Its glossy level is also can be chosen by desired look, like matt or glossy.


Biovarnish-newBiovarnish is a water based wood paint which have very low dangerous substances. This product have accept the international standard of US-EPA and ECH.

This product is free from formalin, lead, mercury and other dangerous chemical.

Biovarnish is consist of three items, the Biovarnish Wood Filler, Biovarnish Wood Stain and Biovarnish Clear Coat. Biovarnish Wood Filler used to close the wood pores and repair defect for close pre finish. Biovarnish Wood Stain used as colourant and Biovarnish clear coat used as topcoat layer.

Coating Proses Finishing Kusen Kayu Menggunakan Biovarnish

Prepare the wood by sanding it with Nr. 120 sandpaper. Sand by following fiber direction until the media is smooth. Make sure that the media is clean and dry.

You can also chose the method by brush, ball or spray system.

Biovarnish Wood Filler Applicaton

biovarnish-wood-fillerTake Biovarnish Wood Filler by desired colour, it is available at teak and mahogany colour.

Add water to adjust the density and stir it well. Apply the wood filler by pallet knife, brush or spray and let it stand to dry. Then sand with Nr. 240 aluminium oxide sandpaper until leveled. Repeat this process to make sure all the pores are closed.

Biovarnish Wood Stain

biovarnish-wood-stainPick Biovarnish Wood Stain by desired colour. Add water to adjust the density by 2:1 ratio. Apply by brush, ball or spray system. Let it stand to dry for about an hour.

Then, sand it by Nr. 400 sandpaper. Repeat the process by 5:2 ratio and let it stand to dry for half an hour.

 Biovarnish Clear Coat

biovarnish clear coatFinal step is Biovarnish Clear Coat application Add water by 2:1 ratio and stir it slowly. Use brush or spray system to apply Biovarnish Clear Coat and let it stand to dry at room temperature.

Touch dry will take for about 20 minute. The packing dry will take for 24 hours and full curing dry will obtained after a week. Before touch dry, it is no recommended to exposed directly under the sunlight. Drying room need to be set at 30-370C.

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