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                            Microcide 100/100EC

                            Microcide 100EC

                            Microcide 100EC

                            Microcide 100EC is a active methylene-bis-thiocyanate (MBT) wood preservative that combine the fungicide and antiseptic which effectively works on wood substrate to prevent the blue stain and other wood fungus. This product is efficient, easy to be applied, safe and environmentally friendly.

                            Microcide 100/100EC used to maintain the quality and economical value of wood, bamboo, rattan, fibers which vulnerable of fungi and destructive microbial attack. Microcide 100/100EC with Metilen bis tiosianat material works to protect the log or sawn timber from various types of fungus, such as, blue stain, mold, etc.


                            1. Mix the Microcide 100/100EC into water, oil, Metanol, Thinner or other solvent materials.
                            2. Rinse the wood for about 5 minutes, or can be applied by brush or spray method to ensure that Microcide 100/100EC mixture can penetrate into entire surface and pores.



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                            Sales Number Sheen Color Size TDS MSDS
                            MC-100 100gr
                            mc-1000 1000gr

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