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                            Anti Jamur (Fungicide)

                            Bio Industries developed the preservatives product which safe and environmentally friendly in complete product variant.

                            Produk Anti Jamur (Fungicide) dari Bio Industries

                            • ROCIMA™ 363 – Biocide Film Preservative

                              Biocide Film Preservative, Fungicide, Anti Mosses, Anti Microorganisms ti Protect the Plester Film, Paint, Exterior and Interior Coating. Diskripsi ROCIMA™ […]

                            • Biocide – TCMBT/MBT (100/100EC)

                              Wood fungicide to prevent the bacteria and fungi attack on wet wood. Description Biocide – TCMBT/MBT (100/100EC) is a wood preservative with fungicide […]

                            • Microcide 100EC Microcide 100/100EC

                              Microcide 100EC Microcide 100EC is a active methylene-bis-thiocyanate (MBT) wood preservative that combine the fungicide and antiseptic which effectively […]