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                            1.1. Cat Kayu & Wood Coating

                            Wood Coating is a finishing material for wood, bamboo, rattan, natural fibers and other wooden materials. BioIndustries are developing safe and environmentally friendly wood coating and wood paint products with international standards.

                            Our wood paint and wood coating products was developed by complete variants to meet the needs of  hobbies with DIY projects and also industries of furniture, decking, flooring, interior decoration etc.

                            You can choose the right product based your needs by the table above:

                            1.1.1. Top Coat and Lacquer

                            Top Coat and Lacquer are wood coatings that used in final layer as clear coat or pigmented topcoat

                            1.1.2. Primer-coat and Sanding Sealer

                            Main-coat (primer coat and sanding sealer) is finishing materials variant that serves to seal, protect and repair the wood products.

                            1.1.3. Base Coat; Wood Putty and Wood Filler

                            Wood paint or wood coating based coat are used to improve the wood surface performance by filling pores and close the defects.

                            1.1.5. Enamel paint

                            Enamel Paint is used to perform single layer paint coat. It is a combination of base-coat and primer-coat.

                            1.1.6. Wood care and polishing

                            Wood Polish and care are wood polishing products and care products for wooden furniture, decking and flooring.

                            1.1.7 Biovarnish

                            Varnish is a transparent wood finishing material. It is used as protection coat and to provide the aesthetic effect.
                            Bioindustries developed the