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                            1.1.7 Biovarnish

                            Varnish is a transparent wood finishing material. It is used as protection coat and to provide the aesthetic effect.
                            Bioindustries developed the complete varnish product series for interior and exterior purpose on 20 different colours in doff and gloss final look. You can find it by typing on searching filter above or following the sub-category below.

                            Produk 1.1.7 Biovarnish dari Bio Industries

                            • Biovarnish Wood Filler

                              Biovarnish wood filler is a water based acrylic wood filler which could close the pores and repair the surface of wood effectively. Biovarnish Wood Filler […]

                            • Biovarnish Wood Stain

                              Biovarnish wood stain is a water based wood varnish brush system which quick dry, water repellent, odorless, safe and environmentally friendly both for […]

                            • Biovarnish Clear Coat

                              Biovarnish clear coat is a water based brush system clear varnish for exterior and interior wood finishing which safe and environmentally friendly. Biovarnish […]