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                            1.1.4. Wood Stain and Colorants

                            Wood stain and colorants is used to adorn the look on wood coanting final results.

                            Produk 1.1.4. Wood Stain and Colorants dari Bio Industries

                            • Biocolours® Biopolyture™

                              Biocolours® Biopolyture™ – exterior wood varnish brush system. Is a water based exterior wood polyture which quick dry, water resistant, odorless, […]

                            • Thumbnail preview Biocolours® Biovarnish™

                              Biocolours® Biovarnish™ – interior wood varnish brush system. It is a water based wood coating product which quick dry, waterproof, odorless, safe […]

                            • BioColours® Wood Stain Outdoor (WSO)

                              Biocolours® WSO (Wood StainOutdoor) is a water based colourant which safe, environmentally friendly, sun heat resistant and weather resistant, suitable […]

                            • BioColours® Bioduco solid stain

                              Water based acrylic pigmented emulsion solid opaque colors (solid color wood stain) for general purposes outdoor-indoor wood finishing solid colors finish; […]

                            • BioColours® Glaze Antique Color

                              Water base colorant used to create artistic effect; nontoxic, very low VOC, effective colors effect development, good color durability, easy to use, cost […]

                            • BioColours® Wood Stain Interior (WSI)

                              Water base wood stain for general purposes wood coating system indoor used; effective and efficient colors development; good color transparency; no odor; […]