Sanding Job Purpose in Wood Finishing

Purpose  of sanding job on wood finishing process is to smoothing, cleaning and repair defect of the wood.


Sanding is an important step in wood finishing process. It is performed to prepare the wood to make the finishing job will works more easier. Sanding is also performed in other steps of finishing.

Sanding Purpose

Sanding is performed to smoothing, cleaning and repair the defect of wood. It is used sandpaper. The wood sandpaper is used specifically for wood media.

Types of sandpaper

There are several types of sandpaper. Based on the materials, it is consist of aluminium oxide and silicon carbide. The silicon carbide issuit for soft sanding while the aluminium oxide will fit for the harder one.

The raw and smooth level of sandpaper can be determined by the number that typed. The more the number, more smooth its surface. On fabric sandpaper, the number will take single digit, like 0,2, or 3 while on the paper sandpaper, the number will take more digits, for example 80,100,120,150,180, 240, 400, 500 or 1000.

Now, there is also the sponge sandpaper. It will works to do sanding job on raw surface media to retain its surface characteristics. This type of sandpaper can only be used manually.

Sanding Method

amplasThe sanding job will be better if used by following fiber direction.  The pressure have to pushed in same level. If the sanding job is performed manually, a softer material like softboard covered wood piece can be used as a pad. It will help to make the sanding result will more leveled. For wider media, it is recommended to use hand sander machine.

To start a sanding job, use the raw sandpaper (Nr.80/100) at first stage to cut the big wood fiber. Then, take the Nr. 120, 220/240 sandpaper for next stage. If necessary, use Nr. 320 for smoother surface.

Make sure that all the process of sanding is done properly to make a high quality substrate on wood media.

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