The Best Varnish for Door Finishing

Varnish is a finishing product that often used in wood finishing product to enhanced the wood look and perform more protection.

walnut-doorVarnish is a finishing product that has strong reputation on furniture and building production. It is a practical finishing product that can be used together with other finishing materials.

Varnish is very famous in the world that used since ancient times in India, Egypt, China, Japan and Korea.

Varnish is developed by the time. Today, we found the 2 types of it, the solvent based and water based varnish.

Varnish Purpose

There are 2 main function of Varnish. The first is protection purpose, to make the wood resist of nature exposure. The second function is to enhance the look of wood. Varnish can also can make the wood looks more aesthetic.

Choose the Best Varnish Product

Usually, varnish is used for indoor purpose. It is used the dye colourant that have less resistant of weather exposure. But, there some varnish that could be used for outdoor, one of them is Biovarnish.


Biovarnish is a finishing product from Bioindustries that can be applied by brush or spray system.

Biovarnish is a water based varnish product that formulated to meet the safety standard of ECHA and US-EPA regulation.

Biovarnish the Best Varnish for Door Finishing

Door is a central point of a house. It will represent the home design at general. The Varnish will make the door production will got more easier.
Biovarnish is a finishing product that suitable for door finishing. It is have bright and sharp colour with good transparency level.

To maximize the result, you can also use the Biovarnish Wood Filler to close the pores of wood and repair the defect of wood surface to obtain close pore finish.

After application of Biovarnish, it is recommended to apply the clear coat to enhance the look. It is a top coat on final layer to produce glossy or matt effect.

To getting more and order the Biovarnish, please call Customer Service of Bioindustries at 0822-2026-5056 or 0878-3934-6433 (phone, sms, wa). You can also visit the Bio Service Point Jogja, Bio Service Point Jepara or Bio Service Point Cirebon.

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